One of the most common questions we receive is how the public can get more involved with local government? The perfect place to engage with local government is through Lubbock’s many city boards. What’s better is that boards have a rolling application process. Even if you are not selected to serve the next cycle, your resume stays valid moving forward, and you could be called to serve in a year or two. 

These control many of the functions throughout Lubbock such as parks, zoning, even how to deal with abandoned cars! Why are city boards perfect to get involved in for the average citizen?

  • Low Time Commitment: Many boards only meet once a month or quarterly.
  • Availability To Citizens: There is a general lack of interest in applying to these boards, the city also makes the schedule hard to follow so they can appoint people when there are not any applications.
  • Minimal Requirements: Some boards reserve seats for individuals with specific expertise. For other boards, like Parks or Keep Lubbock Beautiful, no previous experience is required.

When citizens do not apply to these boards, the city is able to appoint people to fill the positions. Make sure your voice is heard by serving on one of the many community boards in 2021.


  1. Be a resident of Lubbock and a registered voter.
  2. A resume
  3. References (optional)
  4. Certain boards require members to work in specific industries.


  1. Visit here:
  2. The first section is providing basic demographic information.
  3. The next section is providing residential information. Make sure to check the map of which district you are in!
  4. The final section is a bit more intricate. So let’s go over the questions asked.



What experience do you have that may qualify you for service on a particular board or commission such as licenses, degrees, and certificates?

This question is basic, but do not feel intimidated from applying if you do not hold any relevant degrees or certifications. A passion for the community and the nature of the board is all that is required in many cases.

If you plan on applying for boards with specific requirements (ie, you must work in real estate, etc.) this is a great section to explain your work.

Question 2

List any civic or community endeavors in which you have been involved:

This section can be filled out with anything you have done for the community. This includes everything from Church bake sales and volunteer work, to even your work with Lubbock Compact.

Question 3

Why are you interested in serving on a board or commission?

Be authentic, explain your desire to serve the public, and help improve the city. This is an excellent section to display character and interest in the position.