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What is the Citizen’s Ordinance Petition?

We have received a lot of questions from the community as well as those looking to help. We put together a brief FAQ section for anyone unfamiliar with the Citizen’s Ordinance and/or Lubbock Compact below.

What is the petition for?

The petition is proposing an ordinance that will stop taxpayer dollars from subsidizing real estate developer profits for new residential neighborhoods west of Milwaukee Avenue and south of 82nd street. The proposed ordinance regulates impact fees for this purpose.

What has the Lubbock Compact done?

In order to bring accountability and stop the unfair use of taxpayer dollars, members of the governing board of the Lubbock Compact have formally started a petition process described in the city’s charter to propose a citizen ordinance. The board members are designated as the city’s official “initiating committee” of the petition.

Why does this matter?

For years Lubbock’s older neighborhoods have had property taxes taken from them that are being used to build neighborhoods in a different school district. These new neighborhoods will never carry their own weight in taxes. The costs of maintaining their roads and infrastructure will far outweigh the property taxes they generate. This sacrifices the future and destroys property value for homeowners in older parts of the city so that a handful of real estate developers can profit from building a style of a neighborhood that is no longer appropriate. It is for this reason that modern best practice is to invest in older neighborhoods instead of building new ones.

What are impact fees?

Impact fees are a tool the state of Texas provides cities to stop taxpayers from having to pay for the costs of connecting a new neighborhood to a city. Without fair impact fees, taxpayers subsidize the profits of real estate developers by paying the costs for the roads and infrastructure the new subdivisions they are building need to connect to the rest of the city.

Why start a petition?

The Lubbock Compact has been actively involved for months in the city’s decision-making process for impact fees through the city-appointed committee for impact fees, called the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee (CIAC). By state law, the CIAC exists to advise the city council on impact fees, but Lubbock’s CIAC is made up almost entirely of south Lubbock real estate developers or their affiliates that directly profit from Lubbock taxpayers subsidizing them. Members of the LC have addressed this committee with over 90 public comments that have been entirely ignored. The petition was started because special interest groups have corrupted the city’s committee process. The only remedy is direct democracy.

How many signatures are needed and how can I help?

Officially, 3,651 signatures are required. Collect signatures by using the official signature pages and don’t forget to fill and sign the self-declaration at the bottom of each one.

Where to sign the Petition

You can find the petition at all listed locations below. Due to the sensitive nature of the information collected, petitions will not be publicly posted. Please ask an employee at these locations if you would like to sign the petition.

If you are unable to travel, we are happy to come to you! Send a text or call (806) 500 0701, and we will arrange a time to come to your location for you to sign.

East Lubbock Art House

405 M.L.K. Jr Blvd Suite B, Lubbock, TX 79401

Canterbury Center

2407 16th St, Lubbock, TX 79401

The Crafthouse Gastropub

3131 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79410

J&B Coffee

2701 26th St, Lubbock, TX 79410

Collecting Signatures

Thank you for your interest in helping collect signatures for Lubbock Compact. Below is a guide you can follow to start helping out in our effort. Be sure to read the important note in yellow below. 

Step 1

Print the Ordinance

The Citizen's Ordinance

Step 2

Print as many signature sheets as needed.

Signature Sheets

Step 3

Get and return signatures!

How To Return Completed Signature Sheets


Important questions for petition signers

  • Have you already signed this petition?
  • You need to be registered to vote in Lubbock for your signature to count for the petition.
  • Are you a Voter Deputy Registrar (VDR)? If so, you can absolutely collect signatures while registering individuals to vote. But anyone who is registering that day, cannot sign the petition as it takes 30 days for a registration to become active, so their signature would not be valid.

Fill out and sign the statement on the bottom of each signature page. 

You can refer to the graphic below if you have questions on how to fill out the bottom of the signature pages.

Returning Signed Petition Sheets

  • Either drop-off, mail, or register for a pick up with a Lubbock Compact volunteer to provide the signatures you’ve collected.

Drop off location

5204 96th Street, Unit B,

Lubbock, TX, 79424

  • Please leave filled out sheets in the mailbox, and leave a text confirmation with your name and number of sheets submitted to (806) 500 0701.
    • Drop off locations will be periodically added to this page.

The drop-off deadline is November 1st

Mail completed signatures to:

Adam Hernandez
7401 Ave X #D
Lubbock, TX 79423

The mail-in deadline is October 30th

Register for a pickup

You must have collected at least a whole page of signatures for a scheduled pick up

Contact the individuals below to schedule a pick up:

Adam Hernanzdez


Perla Sosa


Erik Mahal

(806) 500 0701

Lubbock Compact