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Episode 1: The More Things Change

Episode Description

The Compact is a podcast, produced by Lubbock Compact, that will open your eyes to the true history of Lubbock, TX. We aim to educate Lubbock citizens on the true nature of disparity in Lubbock and what we can do to fix it! Though primarily Lubbock oriented, the stories are universal.

Episode References & Notes

Lubbock Disparity Report” by Lubbock Compact

Black Lubbock: A History…” by Robert L. Foster 

  • Overall Avalanche-Journal story
  • Ordinance forbade Black people from living outside the East pg 115
  • Quote from Dow and Black Leader’s response on pg. 62, 63 of pdf.

The City Plan of Lubbock, Texas 1943

  • Santa Fe Railroad as divide, pg. 18 of pdf

Lubbock Comprehensive Plan Land Use Report (1959)” 

Voting Rights Act passed passed

Jones v City of Lubbock Case

2019 Texas Housers and NAACP lawsuit over Zoning ordinance

Diversity in city leadership still a concern 30 years later” AJ article

Plan Lubbock 2040” 

List of Local organizations to get involved in; 
Lubbock NAACP

Lubbock L.A.S.E.R. 


East Lubbock Art House