About Lubbock Compact

Lubbock Compact is a public policy think tank and community advocacy organization in Lubbock, Texas. Our mission is to empower the Lubbock community through citizen education, civic engagement, and public policy research and advocacy. We envision a fair, equitable, and civically engaged Lubbock community.

The Lubbock Compact is built around our organizational values: preservation, equity, and transparency in government. We advocate for public policies that ensure new neighborhoods in our growing city are planned through transparent processes and built in a fair and sustainable manner.

We also advocate for environmental justice in planning and zoning policies in historic and minority Lubbock neighborhoods. Through our public policy research and advocacy efforts, we hope to achieve the adoption by the city of Lubbock of responsible land-use strategies that encourage the growth of new infill housing development while also taking care of what we already have.

Lubbock Disparity Report

“Old Lubbock, Lubbock inside of Loop 289, is trapped in decline despite having excellent connectivity and resilient infrastructure based on a simple, but elegant, grid system.” —Lubbock Disparity Report